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Terms and Conditions

Gleam Referrals

All bookings made with a referral code are made in line with our usual Terms and Conditions.

Only one referral code is allowed per household.

Referral codes may only be used by new customers as part of their first booking with A new customer or a first booking applies on a per household basis.

All customers will receive a referral code whether one off or recurring bookings.

Referral codes can only be used to book recurring cleanings ie. weekly or fortnightly bookings. Referral benefits will be accrued and credited upon completion of the third booking as part of any recurring booking. Recurring bookings cancelled before completion of the third booking will not be eligible for referral benefits.

In order for a referrer to achieve 'preferred customer' status, 15 friends must be referred and complete three bookings as part of a recurring booking. 

If no code ending (MEME, 5050, TREE) is chosen, the default 'TREE' will be applied.

We reserve the right to withdraw referral benefits from any customer we believe is using the referral scheme in an undue manner. 

Subject to availability.

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