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At Gleam we want you to feel that you can get in touch with us when you need to. Whether to change a booking, request specifics for your clean or just get help using the site. Select an option below and we commit to a speedy response. Simple! There are also answers to a lot of questions you might have below in our FAQs; don't knock 'em!

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Help: FAQ

What is not included in the clean?

Ceilings, windows, blinds, curtains, deep stains, mould removal, steam cleaning and carpet cleaning, lifting of heavy items and cleaning of outside areas. We also prioritise others before dishes so specify if you require.

How do I choose a cleaner?

Our booking system allows you to choose a cleaner if you have already used a specific person and would like to use them again. Just specify this in your instructions and we will allocate the job accordingly.

What type of cleaning do you offer?

Our primary service is the 'Gleam Clean' which offers standard home cleaning, but it's better; unmatched in terms of value, quality and customer satisfaction. We're very proud of it! We also offer other specialist services.

How do I book repeat bookings?

If you'd like to book a repeat booking simply select the repeat option when making your booking. You can choose weekly, fortnightly or monthly bookings. We'll make sure you have a usual cleaner for repeat bookings. 

How do you test your cleaners?

Our cleaners are all experienced and fully referenced before they start carrying out cleans. Once cleaners have started we also constantly monitor feedback and star ratings to ensure only the highest standards are kept.  

How do I cancel my clean?

On the email you received confirming your booking there is a cancellation button which is active until 48 hrs before your booking. If that's too tricky just contact us on the above form and choose the booking change option!

Do I have to be at home?

That is up to you. We would recommend for your first clean that you are there to meet and let your cleaner know any special instructions, where to get a key etc. If not you can always provide additional instructions online.

Do I provide the clean materials?

Gleam Cleaning does not provide cleaning materials and it is key you have these for your clean. We recommend a vacuum/mop, cleaning cloths, a sponge/scour, toilet cleaner, limescale remover and an all purpose cleaner. You can also order online via our partners here.

Do you monitor your cleaners?

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we therefore constantly monitor how our cleaners are doing. They are experienced and fully referenced and we also monitor and inform on feedback and ratings.

What does the clean include?

Dusting and cleaning of surfaces, workspaces, appliances, mirrors and accessible areas in all rooms. Sinks, showers, baths & toilets cleaned, beds made, floors swept, hoovered, mopped.  Include specific requests online.

Why is there a booking fee?

Actually there isn't. If you cancel your booking in less than 48 hrs there is a cancellation fee of £15. If you're not at home and haven't cancelled we'll charge you for the cleaners time as well. See our T&Cs for cancelling recurring bookings.

What is the quality guarantee?

If you have had a clean and are not happy with the results, we will offer you a no quibble money back guarantee. All we ask is that you send us photos of the badly cleaned areas within 72hrs of the cleaning taking place.

Can I book at short notice?

For our standard cleaning we require 48 hours notice. Otherwise you can use our 'SOS Cleaning' service which allows less than 48 hours notice. Because the notice is so short we do charge more per hour for these cleans.

What if a cleaner causes damage?

Gleam cleaners are committed to providing an exceptional level of service. However accidents may occur on rare occasions. Should this occur please liaise directly with your cleaner to discuss mitigating actions.

What if the time is not enough?

Sometimes there just isn't enough time for the cleaner to complete everything in the time booked. When this happens the cleaner will prioritise and get to the unfinished business next time. You can also increase booking time.

What times and days can I book?

Our cleaners are available at many times of day and all week long. The only limit is the cleaners' chosen working hours and their availability. You can see this when making your booking; only available times are shown.

Do you offer dry cleaning?

Unfortunately we do not offer dry cleaning however we may be able to recommend a good dry cleaner in your local area. If you would like a recommendation email us at the link above and we'll be happy to help.

Can I request multiple cleaners?

For our Gleam Clean you can only have one cleaner. For our Specialist, 'Moving' and 'SOS' cleans you can specify how many you need and we can offer a quote subject to availability. These cleans cost more p/hr.

What is the minimum clean time?

We have set a minimum booking time of 3 hours for Gleam Home. This allows for a meaningful clean of most 1-2 bedroom apartments however we would advise more for 3+ bedroom apartments and houses. Gleam Air min. is 1 hour.

How do I pay for my cleaning?

On completion of your clean our system will automatically deduct payment from your card. Unfortunately we do not accept cash payment. Online payment is secure and managed by

Is Gleam in my city or town?

We are a UK based cleaning service operating primarily in London and with limited availability in other UK towns including Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, Brighton and Cardiff. Click your city link below.

Can I leave my cleaner a key?

As our cleaners are self-employed we do not engage directly in key handling however if you have met and are comfortable to leave a key with your cleaner, you are free to do so and indeed many of our customers do this.

How do I leave feedback?

You can leave feedback via a number of means. We would recommend you give feedback directly to Gleam rather than to your cleaner via our central contact details at the top of this page.

How do I become a Gleam Cleaner?

Our Cleaners are at the heart of our operation and we're always looking for new talent to help us achieve the Gleam vision. Visit our 'be a Cleaner' page for more information and also have a look around the wider site.

How much do you charge?

£14.99 per hour. Unlike some of our competitors who have recently increased their prices to £17 per hour plus, we believe in providing our customers with great value. It is our No.1 goal to take the hassle of cleaning away from you.

Do you clean offices?

We do! Our specialist Gleam for Business service offers cleaning in small businesses from offices, to showrooms, retail outlets and galleries. If you're interested in booking for Business visit our dedicated area here.

Is there a cancellation fee?

We're sure you won't want to cancel as you'd be missing out but if you cancel a specific booking by our 48 hr cut off point you will not incur any cancellation fees. Cancelling in less than 48 hrs before means you will incur a one hour fee. See our T&Cs for cancelling recurring bookings.

What is the booking process?

It's simple and only takes 5 clicks from landing on our home page to make a full booking. Simply select the type of clean you want, for how long, where and when it will be, your payment details and that's it! Job's a gooden!

I'm not happy with my cleaner!

We're confident you'll be happy with your cleaner and want to book them over and over. But in the rare case that you aren't we will happily organise another. Just specify in your booking instructions or for recurring bookings contact us at the above and we will organise.

Question still not answered?

We still haven't answered your questions? Well that's disappointing! Don't worry though you can contact us anytime in many ways that won't cost you anything. Just use the contact form or even request a call back. We are here to resolve your Gleam queries. *Smile*

About Us

Who are Gleam Cleaning?


Gleam Cleaning is genuinely passionate about quality cleaning and taking the burden of cleaning away from our customers. Get back your precious leisure time rather than cleaning floors, bathrooms and kitchens. In today's fast paced world there are other things to have to worry about. We provide a quality, convenient and affordable way for you to liberate yourself from cleaning as we really, really want to make your life easier. Go have fun!

Who are the Cleaners?


Our cleaners are experienced cleaners who live in and around your area. We match you to the best cleaners near you. We drive customer service and a passion for cleaning through a rigorous recruitment process along with continuous improvement initiatives that drive our cleaners' performance up. They're also lovely people and we're sure you'll feel you can trust them with the cleaning of your home.

How does Gleam differ to an agency?


At Gleam Cleaning we want the best for both our cleaners and customers. We're not an agency that has a management structure, we remove all of that so you get real value for money.

For the customer:
-A simple price of £14.99 per hour
-There's no contract
for you, just 48 hours notice required to cancel
-Secure payment online offering great flexibility.


For the cleaner:
-Our cleaners are paid at least the New Living wage per hour worked. We pay more based on experience etc.
-Our cleaners are independent and self-employed. We offer them the flexibility to accept the jobs they would like and they manage their own schedule.

Is Gleam Cleaning secure?

Definitely! Our booking system 'Schedulista' is fully secure and payments are all through 'Stripe,' the global payment service who have one of the most secure payment systems out there. We don't retain any of your payment details.

Terms and Conditions

By making a booking with Gleam Cleaning you accept our Terms and Conditions. To read those click here.

Privacy Policy

By making a booking with Gleam Cleaning you accept our Privacy Policy. To read that click here.

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